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Treasure in the Woods: Part 2

Okay, I finally have some time to make the update I’ve promised for so long. Like a week. Stout and I made our trip back out to the spot in the woods, shovels and picks in hand. We started digging up around the entrance to the suspected underground lair. We knew we’d found a hatch in the woods just like they did on Lost!

As we dug and picked, we determined fairly quickly that it was going to be a small door. Until we finally found one edge of it. Then we realized it wasn’t a hatch door at all. Nay, not a hatch! But it was a door indeed. The door to a treasure chest! This might be even more exciting, we decided.

Who wouldn’t (after all) want to dig up a treasure chest in the woods filled with untold riches, or at least a fairly ultimate time capsule from like the 1400s when the Indians had first arrived here from Columbus!

Well, having cleared off the whole top of the chest – and it was indeed one of those old school ones that has the arched top, shaped like a, well, a treasure chest – we began to get giddy, imagining how we’d spend the pirate gold and what we’d do with all the women who’d certainly be gathering around to admire our new peglegs and eyepatches. The dirt around the chest was very hard and compacted though, and it took a lot of picking to get it broken up. And we didn’t want to pour water on it to soften the dirt, because if it leaked into the chest, it might spoil any maps or any ancient paper products that were surely within.

No, for real though. Seriously, dudes, we picked and dug for over an hour and got most of the dirt off one side of the chest before we realized it wasn’t just dirt. It was freakin’ concrete. Son of a bitch! Well, we got all the way around the top that night, but haven’t been able to get any lower yet. We covered it with leaves and hay (HAY!) and will be returning to the scene this Friday night to do more excavating. I’ll keep you posted, and will hopefully remember to bring my damn camera this time.

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