Cannell The Man

Shine and I ran up to the Barnes and Noble last night to meet Stephen Cannell. Again. Remember when I met him the first time? Yeah, he was just as cool. So I wanted to go in there and first of all get him to remember me. He has some family attachment to Spaceyville, where I live. He said last time I met him, “Oh yeah, I know Spaceyville! I’m up there all the time!” So on my post-it note I put ‘Brian from Spaceyville’ so maybe it would jog his memory. It did. He remembered me.

Then I wanted to pass him my book so that maybe he could read something good for a change. I kid, I kid. No, for real, last time we met he told me to mail him a copy. Well I never heard back from him. So I just took him a copy tonight, slid it across the table and said, “Yeah Steve, we actually have something in common. I design my own bookcovers as well.” He was like, “That’s great!” So he asked when I had finished it, and if I had anything else. I told him, “Yeah, I’ve finished my second novel, halfway through my third.” He complimented me and shook my hand. Then I got my picture taken with him. He grabbed both books and held them up for the photo. Pretty awesome picture, if I might say so myself.

Having the man himself stand my book next to his own… That’s pretty cool to me. It made me so happy to think he was confident enough in his own work to think it deserved to be in the same picture as my work. I admire men like that who are confident in their abilities.

Anyway, so here’s the picture. I know you want to see it. The reason his mouth is open in the picture is that he was trying to tell Shine how to operate the camera. “You have to hold it down!” Heh. Way to go, Shine. You just got a camera lesson from a Hollywood Movie Producer. Wait… Who’s laughing now?

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  1. It’s a candid shot. Obviously I know how to work to camera. It’s just that yours is…dumb. Yeah, dumb.

  2. Katy80

    your hair is gettin long space. i like it alot! cant wait to see you soon

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