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In God We Trust

I read a news article about a man who is suing the nation in an effort to try to get that simple little phrase removed from US currency. He says it represents a definitive stance on religious principles. Does it? There’s a live vote going on as I write this. Looks like so far about three quarters of us think it’s a patriotic and historically significant phrase and should be left alone. What do you think?

My opinion on this is simple. I’m all for the separation of church and state, and no, I don’t think people should have to say “under God” in the pledge of allegiance if they don’t want to. Whatev. But don’t amend it because of a few. Because this nation was founded under God originally. And here’s the other thing. Whether it’s crossing the line between separation of church and state is irrelevant. God is still over both church and state, last I checked. I mean, anyone who creates a universe has the right to run it however he deems fit, and everything in it is technically ‘under’ him, yeah? So whether or not you choose to accept it, speak it, acknowledge it, admit it or otherwise, God’s still pretty much the man. Church, state, city, farm, wherever.

Oh hey it's a pennySo if you have a problem handling US currency because it means you have to trust in God, you have three choices, in my humble opinion: 1) you can ignore it. Stop whining. Grow up and get over it. You’ve had no problem spending it, have you? No one has stopped you at a counter and said, “Uh, excuse me sir, do you even believe in God? No? Oh, well you’ll have to pay by credit then.” 2) Change your belief system. Just go ahead and give it a shot. Try believing in God. It might just work out for you. Once you take that step, it becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly that you’ve made the right decision. But that clarity never presents itself until after you make the first move. 3) Stop using US currency. Go to an all-credit system, or only write checks. You got a problem with the currency? Stop spending it, you douche!

I know how uncomfortable it must feel to handle money that speaks of a god in which you don’t believe. I mean, I don’t think I’d handle currency that said, “In satan we trust.” Shrug. But if you don’t feel like there really is a God, and you don’t trust in him, then just exclude yourself from that “We” word written on there and move along. Or feel free to print your own money. See how well that works out for you.

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  1. Captain McRight

    Amen. I believe and will continue to use good old “In God We Trust” money.

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