A Very Young Space

I thought I would post some old school pictures of me when I was growing up, just to reminisce, if you will. But mostly because almost all of these photos are laughable in some way. And in a lot of them I’m in some sort of costume, though none of these were Halloween costumes or photos.

But in digging through old photos, I found these and thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing what I looked like when I was young and innocent. After a week or two, I will move this post over to the photo journals archive, so it won’t be listed in my archives or anything, but you can always get to it through the “links” link. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Now I don’t know the age or date of most of these, but you can get a general ballpark by looking at them. Plus it doesn’t matter. Here are the first three: playing the piano, dressed as Rambo with my friend Joe, whose middle name is actually Rambo. No shit, that’s a true story. Joseph Rambo Gibbons. Pretty funny. I’m the one with my hand on my hip. The third one is my friend Aaron and I sitting across the street from our parents’ houses in what would someday become a sidewalk for the neighbors.

Here’s me with my very first guitar. It was one of those one-string jobs that you can only play a note on at a time, rather than chords. But it was awesome. My dad taught me the beginning of “Satisfaction” by the Stones. The next one is just a normal picture on some awesome speedracer bike I had. The third one is a costume one. I was, at least in my mind, Quick Kick – the G.I. Joe figure. You’re lucky you weren’t in front of me right there in that picture. That was one serious karate chop. Yes, my shirt says “Dragon Master” on it. I was the Master of Dragons. Eat that, Stout.

Okay, here’s one at my (apparently) sixth birthday party, kickin’ the Izod shirt. Yes, that’s my friend Aaron again kicking it with the soccer shirt. I wish I had that soccer shirt today. I would so wear that. The second one was when from the set when I was asked to stand in for some dude named Harrison Ford on some movie, because he was sick that day. The third one here is me in my Boy Scouts uniform. Yes, I had the Boy Scout knife in my pocket. Yes, I still have that knife.

Oh hell, look at me go! I was hauling ass in that picture! Well, it looks like it anyway. The second one is from the third grade. I know that because I won the school break dancing contest. That’s right, I was the best break dancer in the entire elementary school. And I didn’t even have on my parachute pants that day. The third one was where some dude named Christopher Reeve got sick one day on the set and they asked me to stand in. Yes, those are indeed light blue tights. Don’t laugh or I’ll burn you with my x-ray vision, fool.

And with that, we’re down to the last photo in this set. This is from my sophomore year in high school, where I played the snare drum in marching band. That’s me right in the middle, next to the dude with long hair. For my junior and senior years, I played the quads, which Dade is playing in the left of the picture. Hell yes, that’s a parade in Lake Dallas. And hell yes, I was wearing jeans with no belt. Hell no, I will never ever do that again, not ever.

Thanks for perusing my past with me. I’ll dig up some more old photos pretty soon and share them with you.


Based on Aaron’s comment below, I remembered some other pictures I should post. So here are two more just to satisfy your curiosity about his comment about Purple Monkey. One from the past, and one from the present. Both with Aaron, me and Purple Monkey.

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  1. steppy

    You’re so handsome. My favorite is the break dancing picture. You almost look like michael Jackson. :)

  2. Steppy’s not biased though, right?

    And I have to say…you don’t look anything like Michael Jackson, and I consider that a compliment. ;)

  3. Oh I get it Moonshine, he’s not wearing a glove.

    I guess since I often take credit for Space’s insanely good looks in adulthood I can also take credit for his juvenile cuteness.

  4. aaron

    Space, do you remember all the gold we found on the Terrells’ lot? I bet you still have a piece or 2 around somewhere.

  5. Space

    He’s sitting on my dresser in my closet. Why? You wanna borrow him for a while?

  6. Johnny Dangerous

    Rambo, superman, karate kid, Indiana Jones… You are a true fuckin hero Space

  7. aaron

    Love the picture! Do you have any of me that i look good in?

  8. Stella

    ahhhh!! that purple monkey only has one eye! good god kill it with fire! :gonk: :gonk: :gonk:

  9. SahSah

    I laughed until I cried reading this – I remember each and every one of these times. I love that the costume thing was passed to my kids who have dressed up in everything from Buzz to Seto Kaiba from yu gi oh. lot’s of fun

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