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A Newfound Fear of the Wind

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon an opportunity that put me within reach of complete and utter insanity. The promise of excitement and adventure also lurked quietly nearby, but when you start adding and multiplying fear with terror and a little bit of horror, the insanity looms much larger. And that’s ultimately what I only just avoided, while merrily breezing through the adventure. For I had found a cave.

And I’m not talking about the Carlsbad Caverns. That shit is artificial and bi-curious at best. I mean, really? Hand rails? Yeah so what for tourists; I think they should have to crawl and climb through there like Harvey Carlsbad when he discovered the damn thing. There are lights drilled into the ceiling for Elephant’s sake. No, I’m talking about the cave in West Texas where we found the skulls. Oh, I haven’t told you about that? Well allow me to elaborate.

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  1. Haycomet

    To be continued in a week or tomorrow?

    As for Cassie, is that her real name? I would like to meet that chick; does she live around here? Is she even still alive after that cave? Of course, she and the cave could be fictitious. Maybe I’m just too gullible, and get wrapped up in stories waaaaaaaay too much. :doh:

  2. Haycomet

    Dang it, Space! I need closure…did you die or not?

  3. Stout

    This is some pretty good shit, Space. I like it, I can’t wait for the ending.

  4. Catina

    ask him about the treasure :(

  5. Catina

    not reading it till you finish it :P

  6. Stout

    Great story, Space. The only way you could make it better is to turn it into a book. Other than that, it’s perfect.

  7. Jeremy

    Damn Space, he’s right. That is awesome. I found myself looking over my shoulder a few times. Good stuff!

  8. Jeremy

    I know already commented on the third page but I just wanted to say I really like Cassie. I guess at this point you can say she’s fictional but she was awesome. When she smashed that dogs head with a rock I was totally not expecting that.

    I think I would be a little to claustrphobic to be climbing through some pitch black cave flashlight or not.

  9. Siege

    Note to self: Add ‘more spelunking’ to the list of after work/weekend activities.

  10. steppy

    Very NICE!!! As I was reading the end before you published last night, I jumped when you opened the door to see what I thought. I guess I was a little to into it! :) LOVE IT!!!! Get to writing a book based on this.

  11. Space

    Thanks to all of you for the responses. I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I sure enjoyed writing it.


  12. Becky Riles

    My God, Space! That was terrific! I literally got chills all over and when you started describing those owl skulls!

    Very well done!

  13. Catina

    It was very good. I would love to see a drawing of what the cave looked like. Sometimes I have a hard time visualizing the “path” so to speak.

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