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SpaceBrew Review: Love and Other Drugs

Now here’s a movie that needs a nod. I rented this movie based solely on the title and the rating it had on Netflix, thinking it was a chick-flick, and my red-haired wife and I could enjoy it together over caramel popcorn and bourbon. Now see that, ladies? I am a man who is not opposed to renting something I think my red-haired wife will enjoy, and watching it with her. I’m quite a catch, if you think about it.

Anyway, this is a fairly original storyline, not too overdone, and pretty well written. A young woman (Anne Hathaway) is diagnosed with Parkinson’s and runs into a young man who has just gotten into the pharmaceutical sales business. Think Steel Magnolias or Philadelphia. But see, it’s not really a chick-flick. It’s more of an emotional drama that should appeal to anyone with a heart than just to women. Well, it should also appeal to any red-blooded man who wants to see Anne Hathaway naked.

Seriously, and I know you’re not going to believe me when I say this, but I had no idea she got naked in this movie before I rented it. I think I might have seen that she was in it, but I actually clicked the Add to Queue button before I even read up on it. Like I said, the title made me think it was a chick-flick. But boy does she get naked in it. A bunch. And we haven’t seen her breasts since Brokeback Mountain. Which means all of you homophobes who are too cool and too manly to watch that film have never even seen them at all!

But here’s my Hot Sports Opinion on the topic: I think the frequency with which she bared her amazing, gorgeous breasts – and the fact that she bared them at all for the picture – detracted and distracted from the story. I think the sweetness of the plot and the poignancy of the love story itself would have been more appropriate and appreciable if it wasn’t a damn sex film.

Consider, for instance, Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts. Sure, there was a sex scene, but it didn’t reveal anything, because that was not the point of the story. It was done with a little more class, and was trying to persuade you to latch onto the love story between a wealthy man and a hooker. Sure, it would make a great porno, but no one would then care about the love they find.

Anyway, it was a good story, and I liked it. The internal struggle that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character went through was evident, and very believable. I’ve never thought of him as a sex symbol, but he’s certainly buffed up a bit since – oh wait… I just caught it. He was the one who got hot with Anne Hathaway in Brokeback! So apparently he’s the only one who can get her nude on screen. Hmm.

Okay, so bottom line, it’s worth renting. Especially if you want to see her boobs. I give it three stars. A little weak because they were trying to sell it with sex. You’ll probably either find yourself more focused on the storyline, or the jiggling. But probably not both.