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I have a rather ridiculous collection of Twisty Puzzles. I used to be able to call it a Cube Collection. But now a large lot of them simply aren’t cubes. I have several dodecahedrons, an octahedron, a quadrahedron, et cetera. And I, being a literal guy, cannot in good conscience call them all cubes any longer. This meant broken links on my website. But all that’s been fixed now.

Anyway, I have a few that I needed a little help with. Megaminx? Seriously? That thing’s got twelve sides. With ten pieces on each side. I was able to solve eight sides on it with no help. But the last four started to get crazy. After several days of pulling out my hair and almost Throwing It Out The Window, I finally sought help. And got it. Well, some of my puzzles weren’t so easy to find help on.

It seems that everyone wants to make youtube videos on how to solve puzzles. But hardly anyone publishes documents. I’m more of a document kind of guy. I often say that to women in bars. “Hi, ladies. I’m Space. I’m more of a document kind of guy.” :what:

But seriously, there are very few published written instruction manuals for twisty puzzles. And if you find one on one site, you have to look on another site to find another. It’s like one guy made a Skewb guide, but not any others. So there are no centralized repositories for Twisty Puzzle Solutions. Until now.

That’s right. I’ve decided to create my own. I think this is a niche that has not been filled properly, so I’ve decided to make a repository for written puzzle solutions that are easy to follow. Certainly easier than watching a youtube video. Especially when the user didn’t post his algorithms in the comments section below the video. And if they make their turns really fast (and don’t enunciate the moves as they go) it can be really difficult to follow. Or even impossible.

Well I’m going back through all of my puzzles and creating solutions for them all, one by one as I have time. I’ve borrowed a few for now (so they’re easier for me to find), but intend to replace them with my own as I improve them. I like to find solutions and find where they could be made easier by either shortening them, finding easier algorithms, or just plain making the solution easier to read.

If you have a puzzle you need solved, check my collection firstly, to see if I own it. I probably do. Then check my solutions page and see if I already have one in place. If not, it’s probably on the way. If I don’t own the puzzle, please send me a note telling me where you got it, so I can go order it myself.

You’ll see a permanent link to the puzzle solutions in the bottom of the right-hand sidebar on my home page. Feel free to print them, save them as PDF or share them with your puzzle buddies.

Puzzle Solutions

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