BrewHouse Site Gets a Facelift

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Have you noticed that all these beer websites ask you for your birth date before they’ll let you in? I find myself wondering what the point of that is. Is there a growing concern for the number of children and adolescents visiting beer sites and getting drunk? I understand not letting underage peeps into the liquor store. Or not selling them alcohol. But they can’t even look at your site? And if they really want to see it, what keeps them from rolling the year down a few notches? Nothing. It’s a waste of time, and it’s ridiculous. Trying to make your beer or brewery website look responsible like you care about kids is better accomplished by other means. Well, you’ll never see an age block on SpacePort. No way, ho, say!

But we’ve been brewing a lot of beer lately, friends. That’s what good breweries do, right? And with all the new beers and recipes we’re brewing up, I thought we could use a new logo. So I designed a new, more robust and colorful logo set. You can click here to see the new logo in full size. The Untappd page got a modified version, and there’s a small one at the bottom of this page. Let me know what you think!

With the growing popularity of our beers, and the excellent response we’ve gotten on Untappd, we decided to start taking ourselves a little more seriously. Obviously, we’re not that big. Nor do we have visions of being big. At least not yet. The Space Bar BrewPub is the only place you can enjoy our beers, but I’ve upgraded my equipment and refitted my Beer Fridge to hold three kegs instead of two. We’ll be brewing every weekend for a while, and so will be keeping three beers on tap at any given time. There are two slots for the popular beers and one for the brews that move a little more slowly, like Brown-Eyed Girl and Old Lantern. Click here and here to see the new look of the Beer Fridge.

Bear TrapThe newest beer we’ve added to our repertoire is Bear Trap. Trap is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale base with a heavy dose of Chinook hops for an unparalleled taste in malt and bitter. It’s gone over real well on the few who’ve tried it so far. I think it will most likely end up in one of the fast-moving slots in the Beer Fridge. This is funny, because it’s not technically right. What I mean is that next time we brew this beer, it will be right. This time, it didn’t finish. The lid popped off after a day in the BrewFridge, and so a ton of the healthy yeast exploded all over the inside of the case. That took a really long time to clean up, and I guess I hadn’t noticed it until a day after it happened or so. By the time I got to it and put the lid back on, the fermentation was stuck. I left it in the BrewFridge for an extra week to be safe, but it only came down to 1.020. That’s fine, and certainly drinkable. In fact, it’s remarkably good. But I wanted a finish somewhere around 1.010, so it’s obviously just a hint sweeter than it should be. Perhaps this is undetectable to the unknowing tongue, but it’s one of those things where I know it, and so I can’t call it the final product. This is like a Beta version for the beer. Well, it passes, and it’s going to market. But next time, when it actually finishes, it’s going to be even better!

Last weekend we brewed another batch of Old Lantern, which I will rack to secondary this weekend, where it will sit and age for a month or so. This weekend, we’re brewing a Conspiracy with a slightly different recipe than usual. I’m starting with a different base malt this time, and grabbing my bitter from almost a quarter-pound of Citra hops. The IBU count skyrockets, and ends up more than double the typical IPA. This makes me very hoppy.

In other news, I’ll be buying a lot more equipment in the coming month and reworking the BrewStation to make it more accessible. I’ll post a tour video on Youtube once I finish it, if you’re interested in seeing where we work our magic. Thanks for the support, friends. Cheers!

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