SpaceBrew Review: Star Wars III

We saw the last Star Wars yesterday as a team. My boss took us all out and we saw it, then she took us to the bar afterwards and bought us a hilarious amount of drinks so we would be properly prepared to discuss it at great lengths. I have a few complaints, and a few praises I will share with you. If you’ve not yet seen Episode III, or don’t know the general storyline of Star Wars, then don’t read below here, because there will be spoilers.

Spoiler Inside: Major Spoilers SelectShow

I think that about wraps up the specifics. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and was happy to see all the loose ends tied up so well. I noticed that none of the other five movies really had any climactic points that really made my blood pump, but this one had several. Cinematic masterpiece? Meh. I don’t know. Maybe. Certainly if one out of the six movies is to be voted such, then this would be the one. It will be further scrutinized though, as I will have to see it on the big screen a few more times before it leaves the theaters.

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