I Saved the Planet, Dudes

Minnesota Chronicles, Vol. 3

No seriously. It has been made clear to me that alls I have to do is leave my towels on the rack instead of the floor, and it will save the planet. Well, friends, I am happy to announce: the planet is SAVED. You can thank me later.

I’ve done many things for you guys over the years, but none of them probably had the impact that this one single event did. I’m just wondering though… instead of printing up this cute little sign and going through all that trouble, couldn’t the person who placed the sign just left the towels on the rack? He could have saved the planet back when he hung the sign. Oh well, it’s really no sweat to me, and I’m happy (and honored) to have gotten the opportunity to perform such a magnanimous, philanthropic detail.

I’m in Bloomington, Minnesota for the week for our design summit meeting. I was in Bloomington once before, as you may remember back in 2006, and didn’t think much of it then. At least now it’s in the high 80s and there’s no snow on the ground. Well there’s still some of that creeping ice left in the shady areas. Have you heard about that? That shit spooks the daylights right out of me. Sounds just like a Stephen King film. Anyway, the experience has been a lot better, though I’ve not had a chance to run by the Guitar Center.

I worked back then at a company that had its mother office here in the Bloomington area and a satellite office in Dallas. And now, I work for a company that has its mother office here in Bloomington and a satellite office in Dallas. The offices here are literally about five miles apart. And they tell me that’s what Bloomington is. A group of buildings right in the middle of the Twin Cities where all business takes place. Neat.

It was a little scary waking up and walking into the cafeteria this morning and having all the guys from the office ask me, “Did you talk to your red-haired wife?” Uh, why? Yeah, God bless the families in Granbury. F Tornadoes. Seriously. I hate tornadoes more than anything else on the planet. But yes, friends, I had talked to my red-haired wife. She and the kids are just fine.

I didn’t go so far as to call this the Minnesota Chronicles Part 3 because really? There’s just nothing about Minnesota that inspired me to write. Sad, I made the joke about saving the planet, and that’s about the best I got here. And that’s from a hotel chain.

I met a dude in the bar the other night (what’s up, Chad?) and we ended up talking until late in the evening about books and writing and all other kinds of ill shit. We see eye to eye on it all. So you know what he did last night? He sat there and downloaded (purchased from Amazon) both of my books. Right on! Thank you very much, Chad. The support is much appreciated. I hope they read well.

I’ll be heading home in the morning. Like before you even start blinking awake. Tonight I may check out the Mall of America or something. You know, see one of Minnesota’s famous attractions. Besides the Twins. Yawn. No actually I think it would be cool to catch a ballgame, but I know that would keep me out late and there’d be almost no way I’d be able to get up at 0400 to head to the airport.

So I guess I’ll report back tomorrow and let you know if anything exciting happened this evening that totally changed my mind about Minnesota. We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.

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