SpaceBrew Releases an Android App

Just sayin. So the story goes something like this. I play a lot of poker. I don’t host many tournaments. My buddies and I are more into the cash games, or ‘ring’ games, as they’re called. The big difference is that in a ring game, the blinds don’t increase, and it’s just a relaxing, easy-going game between friends, where any many can stand up at any time he’s ready, and cash in his chips for cash value. In a tournament, it’s kill or be killed, and usually only the top three seats are paid out. You might leave with nothing. The point of all this will be discussed in the next paragraph, so please consider this sentence the closing of the first.

So if you go look on the Android market, the Google Play Store, wherever the hell you buy your Android apps, you’ll find a metric butt ton of tournament manager apps. Seriously. Like a million. But they’re all for tournaments. And thus they mainly focus on your blind schedule, and timers that let you know when they’ve gone out. But you’ll not find a single app for cash games. Well, you’ll find one. But it’s so shitty that it shouldn’t even be mentioned. Literally, it sucks like a brand new Dyson 220v industrial elephant vac. For instance, you can add money to people’s accounts in increments of 5 25 or 50. But not 1. Or fifty cents. Because we all play small chip’s a finn, right?


So anyway, I decided to write my own app to cover this need. I have been using a spreadsheet for many years to serve this purpose, but there’s one critical downfall with a spreadsheet: you can screw it up. Okay, I know, you can set certain fields to be uneditable, and lock down the sheet, but that’s a pain in the butt. It just would make more sense to have an app. Plus, this is not to mention that not all phones and tablets will open a spreadsheet. Furthermore, they look like crap on those tiny screens. It’s hellish trying to navigate and put in the information. Plus, too, I don’t want to carry a laptop to a buddy’s house for a poker game. I always have my phone. And a tablet is nothing to bring along.

So I wrote the app. I’m not trying to get rich, but again, it does serve a niche market, where there is no real answer to this anathema. This app is very simple. It records information and helps you keep track of who’s in the game, how much they’ve put in, how much they’ve taken out, and how much is left in the bank. I’ve many times screwed up my math because typically all the payouts are done very late in the evening. After a few drinks. And I’m not the world’s leading mathematician, either. Say you pay someone an extra five-dollar-bill by accident in their payout, because you lost track of the chips during your count. Well, the last guy gets shorted when there’s not five bucks left in the bank to pay him. If you count the chips, record the amount in the cash-out field here, then it will keep track of it for you. Much the same way a pencil and notepad would do. Shush. But it also updates the total purse field, so you can see problems before they happen. Zing!

Again, it’s a very simple app, but it only serves a very simple problem. It basically boils down to being a glorified poker calculator, which can come in pretty damn handy. So if you play cash games a lot, you might find it useful. Go check it out! And hey, it’s only a buck.

Ring Game Manager on Google Play Store.

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