Is there anybody out there?

This is another very popular argument on the claim to other life forms in the universe: “The universe is so huge, and we can hardly even go past the moon, so why would there be all that extra space if we couldn’t even use it! Therefore, there has to be other life out there somewhere.” My response? Whatever. For us to think this entire universe is completely useless if we can’t use it is just plain arrogant. We think we own the place. Well, that no more settles an argument than saying, “This garage is too big for just one car, so there must be other cars in it.” The only difference is that the garage actually is yours.

Supposing the entirety of the universe was created especially for us humans, what do you think we will do with it? There is but one planet with sufficient oxygen and perfect atmosphere and proportional water supply as to sustain life. The odds of there being another planet that matches these tight attributes is ridiculously incalculable.

As mentioned in a previous page, the specific heat of water alone is enough to prove the very existence of God. There is just the right amount of water on the Earth, and its distance perfectly measured from the sun, that the Earth maintains a rough approximate 78′ Fahrenheit. Perfect for human living. Coincidence? Or is it just that life as we know it spawned from these miraculous conditions? A life so advanced that we can create machines that can think for themselves. I like to think it is a little more than coincidence.

Frankly, there just aren’t many other places in the universe where we could prosper as we do here. Not without a manmade atmosphere. And last I checked, we haven’t yet mastered that, otherwise we might have colonized the moon by now. That space is indeed – as mentioned in the first paragraph – useless to us. But by no means are there any indications that the space was created for us.

Does this mean there has to be other life forms, then? Does there have to be other cars in your garage to justify its two car capacity? Absolutely not. And what do most people have in the other half of their garage? Junk.

I think that God created the universe without us in mind. We know the universe is a lot older than we are. We have only been around for a few thousands of years, after all. He used space for whatever he wanted. Intergalactic pool. Planetary marbles. Whatever. The point is that we came later. Much later. The Bible does say that we are special. We were made in his image. He didn’t need to fill the entire vastness of space with us.

What he did need to do though, was create a perfect habitat for humanity. To which the answer was Earth. We have nothing to do with the creation of space. We are an entirely different project all together. We were a project of proof. An ongoing, in fact, eternal project. But my bet is that after all is said and done, he will give those of us who believe in him free reign over all of the universe. To travel and explore whatever, wherever, and whenever we want. And then, and only then, will it be useful to us.

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