Drive Space Low on Planet Earth

There are some six billion people alive in the world right now. That is half of all the people who have ever lived. On top of that, the population will have doubled by 2020. And you think it’s crowded now? Think about thirteen billion people. Furthermore, statistics show that by 2020, there will be more people buried than there are alive. I don’t know whether they mean alive now or alive then. (6 billion buried or 12 billion buried.) But that is still a lot.

That’s kind of scary. That’s also one of the main reasons I don’t want to be buried. They better cremate my ass. I think it’s a waste of space to be buried. I know I won’t need this body once I’m gone, anyway. Oh. I know! How about being buried on the moon!

You know in some countries they lease grave space. You can get them from 2 years up to like 99 years. After which they dig you up and reuse the space. For real. I think this is a fantastic idea. So much for the ‘rest in peace’ theory. But that is a man-made ideal, and really has no hold on any religion.

There are way too many graveyards full of a bunch of bones that no one even goes to visit. With all due respect to those of you who visit your deceased loved ones, there are many who don’t. Many of the deceased have no one to come visit them. So what I propose is that we monitor all graveyards for thirteen months. This covers an entire year plus some, just in case. And all graves that have no visitors for that entire period – gone. Think about it. Does anyone really go visit his great-great-great grandfather, who died back in 1824? Someone you never met? No. He rested in peace for a while, now let’s let someone else have a turn.

Dig ’em up! Donate their bodies to medical science. Let’s get rid of some of these graves that haven’t been touched since the early 1900’s and reclaim some of our precious, ever-dwindling space here on this overcrowded planet. One, we’re gonna need it, and two, think of all the golf courses we could build!

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