A Theory of Mine

A friend and I were having a conversation the other night about quantum mechanics and it’s relationship to astrophysics, and the like. The usual, really. When we get together, that’s pretty much all we talk about. Not many people are as fascinated in these subjects as we are. Actually, I don’t know anyone besides him who has this in common with me.

At any rate, we had established some theories and hypotheses concerning inter-dimensional indexing and bi-locational representation. If, of course, any of this is possible, then it would also stand to reason that time-travel could be feasible. There are still doubts as to whether or not one could actually travel back in time, but definitely the possibility would exist to rapidly speed up time as we know it.

For instance: let’s say you step into another dimension whose clock moves a lot more gradually. For every 5 seconds that pass here in our dimension, this other dimension only experiences 1 second. Therefore, you step into this dimension for four years and come back to see everyone else has aged twenty. Technically, you could be sitting in a certain spot on the floor, and someone in another dimension is sitting in that exact same point in space and time. You could, therefore, be living right next to and on top of someone else’s life. Different dimension, and possibly a different universe, but the same time and space. Get it?

Anyway, the point of this column was to introduce to you a theory of mine, which is this: ghosts and spirits and orbs and specters, whatever you call them, may actually be a glance into one of these other dimensions. Somehow, let’s say an ‘eddy’ has occurred in the space-time continuum, and a portal to this other dimension has come to exist. It may only be for a very brief instant, and most likely invisible, but it opens. This allows you to peer into the other said dimension. Most likely you would only see objects that possess movement of some sort, and only a hazy blurred sight of them at that, at best. See, I don’t believe in ghosts, but it’s fun to think about.

It could also be said, then, that heaven and hell could co-exist in the same time and space, only different dimensions. And maybe right on top of where we are right now! This may or may not be likely, but you have to consider the fact that (if you do believe in hell and heaven) they do exist somehow. Not necessarily somewhere or sometime but somehow. Maybe on the thirteenth dimension. Maybe not. Who knows? It’s a theory. Dimensional intersection, or co-occupancy of the same space-time. Make sense? Does this sound reasonable to you? It sure would be a hell of a way to save space. If you could bridle this power, and move freely between multiple dimensions, you could live in two separate places in the same space. You could have two houses at the same address. And if you believe that the other dimensions are in a different time entirely… You could live in the 1700s as well.

This is another thing you would have to seriously consider: all time at once. All things are happening at once. They say a thousand years is like a second to God. Well, if God is timeless, it could stand to reason that time is only told by what dimension you are in. Everyone who has ever lived is living and carrying out their lives right now, in their own age, in possibly the same space as you are, only in a different dimension. Have you considered this? Nah. Probably not. This is the kind of thing I think about when I am sitting up at night trying to sleep. Yes, I do also think about breasts. But not always. Well if we consider discussing the (NSW Link) harmonic oscillation that occurs with the breasts during a woman’s heavy laughter, then we are getting a fresh dose of both subjects.

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