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Good Friday

As we all finish out our work weeks today and prepare to go home for the weekend, I would like everyone to remember what this weekend stands for. This is Easter weekend. Today is Good Friday, the day our Lord was crucified. He rose again on Sunday.

So how do we celebrate it?

Well, of course… It’s obvious, right? A big fat bunny that lays eggs. We celebrate the death of the only sinless man ever to walk the earth by lying to our children and generally spreading old spoiled mayonnaise on the bread of truth for them. No one tells their children about Jesus and the horrible thing that happened to him – but the good news that he rose again. Even if you don’t believe it, it sure would make the world a better place if we taught our children to love. Instead, we make up some bogus crap about a bunny that – well, I don’t even know what the hell the bunny does.

I do know he’s slightly retarded and severely deformed though. Yes, this mammal is like that of the platypus. This mammal lays eggs! Not all bunnies do. Just this one. So we celebrate the death and resurrection of the best thing to happen to earth by doing what? We hide a bunch of painted eggs from our children – who we’ve already lied to about the source of said eggs – and tell them to go find them.

Now make no mistake. I’m not preaching to you about getting saved. I’m just bitching about how effed up our society is that we make up some stupid ridiculous story and lie to our children. And we wonder why the world is corrupt… Phhhht. Well I’ll tell you this: maybe you would feel differently now, had you been told the truth as a child. I, for one, know that if I ever see a fat ass bunny hopping around in my yard laying colored eggs… We’re having grilled rabbit for Easter supper.